The Idea

The idea is simple: Raise $1 million dollars (or more) for Cystic Fibrosis research to find a cure for CF - hence, 'Make CF History'. Think of it as "The Home Page with a Purpose". My main motivation stems from, if nothing else, a sense of urgency! I have 2 nieces with CF and time is of the essence. I know there are many people who have loved ones living with CF who feel the same way! So, everyone is welcome to make a donation and receive a rose. In recognition of your donation, you will receive one rose measuring 50x50-pixels. When you make your donation, you can include in the "special instructions" of the donation form a commemorative message to display on 'mouse-over' with your rose (absolutely no obscene or offensive messages are allowed). You can also have your rose be a hyperlink to click-through to your own website by including your URL in the "special instructions" of the donation form, but it must be related to the cause of finding a cure for CF. You will see there is no limit to the amount of roses that can be placed on the site and because this campaign is donation-based, there is no set price - donations of every amount will get a rose! However, roses are placed on the homepage in order of donations received. 

As the number of donations grows, so will the number of roses on the home page. The reason for selling them in 50x50 pixel roses is because anything smaller would be too small to display and anything bigger, well, would be too big. The rose you buy will be displayed on the homepage permanently. Using Google Blogger, my intention is to have it online forever. I want it to become an internet time capsule. So, in the long run, these roses will be of timeless value and you will have your piece of internet history forever!