Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why are we doing this 'Charity Classic' thing?

I often struggle (seriously struggle) with how to best present this thing we call "The Make CF History Charity Classic". And with that, I often question/challenge myself as to how I can be more effective at making sure that the Make CF History Charity Classic is an event that everyone - from the players to the volunteers - feels proud and energized to be a part of.  And in doing so, I keep coming back to this fundamental question: Why are we doing this?

In considering that question, which at times haunts me, I wanted (needed) to be sure that the answer to this question is far beyond the incredible willingness and generosity of the organizing committee and players to support me and this event, which I conjured up over a coffee and doughnut with my good friend Chuck Scott at a Tim Horton's one Sunday afternoon (Seriously, that's how this idea was hatched).

Then, this week, I received this video from my sister Sarah, who has two daughters who were born with CF.   And, bingo, there was the answer - right there, plain as day. Seven minutes and 8 seconds later, as if a calculator reminding me that two plus two still equals four, I was reminded of "why":

This video is courtesy of the Chicago chapter of the CF Foundation. It features my sister's husband RV, and their daughter Gabby (my God Daughter, and the younger of my two nieces with CF), among others who are effected by CF.  Their message, so simple yet so powerful: our efforts are making a difference, and with drugs like Kalydeco we are close to finding a cure.  

And now I know (again) why, and for whom, our "Make CF History Charity Classic" exists. This video reminds us that we are making a difference. It reminds us that because of our efforts, we will be a part of the generation that finds the cure - and when the cure is found, we will have been "on the ice" when the winning goal is scored. We are that close! 

THANK YOU to everyone who supports our Make CF History Charity Classic and the CF Foundation, and for making a difference in the lives of those affected by CF.