How It Works

Overview - It's as easy as 1-2-3
When you make a donation of any amount, you will receive a rose (50x50 pixels) on the home page. There is no minimum donation amount and anyone who makes a donation receives a rose. All donations go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and are tax deductible. Roses will be placed on the home page in sequential order of donation. When you include your honorary or memorial information with your donation, it will appear on your rose on 'mouse-over'. Lastly, you may include a URL as well to make your rose a hyperlink to your website (CF related sites only, please).

Step 1 - Click on the "Donate Today!" Link
Click on the "Donate Today" link placed throughout the website to make your donation. You will be directed to the donation form at (NOTE: You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker on your browser).

Step 2 - Complete the Donation Form
First, complete the "Donation Information" fields, including the “Additional Information” text box for your commemorative message to be displayed with your rose. Feel free to include a URL for your rose to hyperlink to - CF related sites only, please.
Lastly, complete the "Payment Information" fields. You’ll receive a confirmation page as well as an email which will serve as your tax-deductible receipt.

Step 3 - Return to Website to find your place in Internet History!
Return to the website in a few days to find out where your rose has been placed. You can find your listing on the List of Roses pages, or you may 'mouse-over' the roses on the home page to find your rose.

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And...spread the word!

Spread the word to all your friends and family! Remember, the goal is $1 million dollars, so together let's make CF history!